A picture perfect photographer

Posted on Jun 16, 2014

A picture perfect photographer

~ Susanne Ashby Photography


Every bride has that one thing about their wedding that is the most important to them. For some, it’s the flowers. Others, it’s the food. But the one thing that will last a lifetime and hold the strongest memories is the photographs taken on that day of the newly pronounced Mr. and Mrs., their family and friends, as well as the venue(s) that they’ve chosen to celebrate both their “I Do’s” and the reception that follows. Often times, so much effort goes into tracking down the perfect photographer that everything else may appear to be less than necessary to be concerned with. We here at Simple Country Weddings, don’t want you to forget or put aside any aspect of your big day, which is why we’d like to feature one of our favorite, most creative, organic, self taught photographers…

Susanne Ashby of Susanne Ashby Photography.


Susanne got her first camera, along with a children’s book on photography composition at the age of nine. As the years passed, her interest in photography grew. Such interest led her to attend several workshops on the subject, which gave her the opportunity to learn from some of the best photographers in the industry. Susanne finds that her favorite setting is one with natural light, thus making the outdoors during the last hour before sunset… “the golden hour” as she calls it…her most ideal scenario. Because she resides in Monterey, CA, the beach is an often and obvious favorite place to shoot. And when it comes to brides and grooms, or just couples in love, she can’t get enough of it. As she proclaims on her website, “ Confession. I’m a complete and utter romantic.” What could be better than to have the photographer for your wedding day be someone who is in love with love??


There are other certain qualities to be admired of any photographer that you choose. One that Susanne has in the bag is the fact that she has a great ability to move around and be creative. Clearly, her growing up as an “army brat” living all across the country (including Maine, Washington Tennessee and California), has given her a greater perspective on how to move around appropriately and with due cause. She’s not afraid to use her surroundings as a means for a great shot. She’s open to using some of your favorite things (say, your beloved car, or musical instrument, perhaps) and incorporates them into a photo shoot that is truly, and uniquely you. Whatever look you’re going for when it comes to your engagement photos, your wedding photos, or even, your maternity photos (when the time comes), Susanne uses her keen eye and creativity to represent exactly who you are on the other side of her lens.


Susanne originally joined forces with Simple Country Weddings in May 2013 for Amy and Andy’s wedding which was held at The Hidden Creek Farms.. ( /amy-and-andys-wedding/ ) “The details and décor at that wedding made it one of my absolute favorite weddings that I’ve had the opportunity to photograph.”

View More: http://susanneashby.pass.us/amyandandy View More: http://susanneashby.pass.us/amyandandy View More: http://susanneashby.pass.us/amyandandy

And now, presently, Susanne is working with Simple Country Weddings as our lead photographer for our blog following our three featured brides, Alana, Nicole and Stacy. ( /category/featured-brides-country-weddings/ )

View More: http://susanneashby.pass.us/05-03-13-couples View More: http://susanneashby.pass.us/05-03-13-couples View More: http://susanneashby.pass.us/05-03-13-couples

Should you be interested (and, really, you should!) in getting in contact with Susanne to photograph the most memorable day in your life, she can be found by the following…

Email : sanashby@hotmail.com

Website : http://susanneashbyphotography.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Susanne-Ashby-Photography/123307673932

Instagram : http://instagram.com/susanneashby

Allowing Susanne Ashby Photography to capture, what will be the most sacred piece of wedding memorabilia for you and your husband to be, will surely be a decision well made.