Alana and Michael’s choice

Posted on Jun 11, 2014

Alana and Michael’s choice

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Have a tornado of ideas? Getting lost in all the options there are? Want to stay away from all the Pinterest trials and failures?  (Don’t fret…we’ve all done it. Don’t feel bad.)

See how Alana and Michael are using Simple Country Weddings to save money and avoiding the added stress of planning their wedding.  ( We couldn’t help but use these fantastic images from our last photo shoot with Alana and Michael. Susanne Ashby photography, you are amazing!!!! )  Back to the point…

After watching numerous wedding shows, Alana knew that she wanted something unique and true to both her and Michael’s personalities. Being different from other weddings was a must, so she decided to step away from the DIY projects and get some help. Enter…Ramona (aka, their “saving grace” as they call her), and Simple Country Weddings.

View More: started out like most brides do in thinking “I can make and do it all.” But, also like most brides, she failed to realize that while she’s going to “do it all” she also has to work, clean, have a social life, and of course, sleep. I mean, the latter four things are tough enough to get done on their own, and that’s without the added bonus of planning the day of your dreams thrown in on top of it all.  Let’s be honest…we can’t do it all, and that’s perfectly ok. Asking for help is sure fire proof that you are…sane! In addition to you spending so much time slaving away on all the DIY projects you want on display at your wedding, you forget that it isn’t very cost effective. Trial and error are a definite reality that can really add up and wreak havoc on your bank account if you get in over your head.View More:

Simple Country Weddings has managed to make Alana’s DIY projects a reality at a non-existent stress rate and at a low cost. They have provided a vessel for filling in all the empty corners, walls and garden areas that she needed at her wedding site with things Alana loves.  The Pinterest projects Alana thought she would have time to attempt on her own, were found located at Ramona’s showroom, already completed and ready to be incorporated into her wedding theme.

This is NOT what any bride wants to remember on their wedding day!


To all of you DIY brides out there…YOU ROCK!…so, please don’t take any of this the wrong way! This is for those brides who want “the look” without doing all of the work, spending money on trials and errors when it could be used more wisely elsewhere and ending up with a million things they don’t need. Weddings are stressful enough…why DIY if you don’t have to? Allow Simple Country Weddings to take on the tasks of your desired DIY projects, so you can sail smoothly into your wedding day without feeling overwhelming stressed by the preparation of it all.View More:

That’s right…less money and less work for you as the bride! Alana once was one of those completely overwhelmed brides while planning her wedding. And then, as if it were magic out of a fairytale, she met Ramona at one of her many open house events, and instantly fell in love with all of her beautiful rental options that happened to be just what she was looking for. What once was referred to as “a tornado of ideas” by Alana, has instantly become a reality with her new found “life saver,” Ramona. All the ideas Alana had for the décor for her wedding, were effortlessly put together by Ramona in the exact fashion as she envisioned. Both Alana and Michael wanted a wedding that is a stamp of who they are, and everything they love. From the vintage furniture, to the simple color scheme, Ramona is calming Alana’s “tornado” into what is sure to be a beautiful wedding to remember for a lifetime.

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Simple County Weddings is my vintage dream, come true!  All of her beautiful pieces really reflect who we are as a couple to the T!  With her background I am confident Ramona will be handling the day of coordination flawlessly saving my fiancé and I from any added stress. 

That in itself is priceless.” 


There will be no sign of a funnel cloud touching down at Wilson Vineyards where Alana and Michael will be saying their vows. Everything is going to come together with a gorgeous sunset, vintage barn, huge grape fields with the delta breeze. This is a phenomenal location for Simple Country Weddings to put Alana’s wedding dream to life! As far as food goes, there is a special twist on things that you future brides cannot miss! Alana is not budging on this and her lips are sealed until the wedding day! They have hired an amazing vocalist, and for their first song it is more than just a dedicated love song…it was the first song they heard together at their first concert. Ray Lamontagne “You Are The Best Thing.” I mean, how friggin’ cute is that, y’all?!View More: More:

See how Simple Country Weddings teams up with the Bride and Groom for a very unique Simple, Vintage, Rustic, Modern & Country Wedding! We have the picture…you just have to stay tuned to see!

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A special thanks to our team of professionals!!

Hair by Kasey Learn * Make up by Andrea Aguon * Images by Susanne Ashby Photography