Bohemian Wedding Edition

Posted on Dec 9, 2018

What to Wear:

Bohemian Wedding Edition

            Bohemian weddings are all the rage, but what are they? Linked to unconventional lifestyles, bohemian as a whole is a mash of quirky, free spirited, and ethereal styles for a wedding that eschews classic over the top extravaganza and excess.

            Bohemian weddings often center around natural settings, and more relaxed, and focus on family and friends and less on glamour and excess. But even brides drawn to the idea of a bohemian wedding may have no idea what to wear.

  • Hair: Instead of tight up-dos, bohemian brides wear their hair loose and flowing. Veils and tiaras are swapped out in favor of stunning floral crowns. Fishtail braids are also favorites.
  • Shoes: Sandals are great for outdoor, summer or late spring weddings. Flats are also okay, but most bohemian weddings don’t include heels.
  • Jewelry: Vintage pieces, like freshwater pearls, or even family heirlooms are popular picks, while diamonds or overly flashy jewelry is usually absent at a bohemian wedding.
  • Makeup: Light, simple, and natural. Think nude eye shadow, just a touch of blush and some light mascara. Natural lips with just a bit of gloss with make your look shine. Glowing skin and natural beauty should be the focus.
  • The Wedding Dress: Bohemian wedding dresses are beautiful but understated, with flowing fabric like chiffon, and usually are relaxed A-lines, avoiding either very full skirts or very fitted silhouettes. Soft colors, sleeves, and draped fabric are all trends, and some even have a hint of vintage appeal. Bohemian dresses are fuss free, and shy away from lots of lace or heavy beading. Floral hints and understated bodice make for a beautiful look. Sheer netted paneling on this dress exudes the ease and beauty of a bohemian look.


Dresses: Mori Lee at Diamond Bridal Gallery

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