Boho & Wildflowers

Posted on Feb 27, 2018

Boho & Wildflowers

Josh & Brynn’s stunning Boho Wedding

The Vendors 

Wedding planner : Ramona Arnold, Simple Country Weddings

DJ/Band friend

Bakery/desserts: Dunk’n Run Donuts (ma and pop shop in auburn)

Photographer : Inspiremefilmandphoto

Videographer Inspiremefilmandphoto

Venue:  Blue Goose Event Center

Custom Signage/Lettering and chalkboards-  Bride, Brynn Lawson

The Details

How did you meet? Joshua and I met in High School, our sophomore year we had a mutual friend introduce us.

Where was your first date? Our first date was actually a church formal dance he asked me to. He asked me in the most elaborate scavenger hunt across campus and the whole town! I remember thing man he must have put days and days into this planning! Every clue was so detailed. He have one of the clues be a song with my name in it I had to play off a CD in my car!

 Where did you get engaged?  Joshua proposed to me four years later in Loomis California, making yet another elaborate scavenger hunt across Auburn and Loomis (to remember my first scavenger hunt) which led me to an out door stage that he decorate with hanging lights.

What was you first impression of each other?  Brynn –When I first met Joshua, I knew he would be my best friend, he made me laugh so hard I would cry. His imagination was huge and he loved being quarky and different.  Joshua -When I first met Brynn, all I could remember was her smile. It was gorgeous. I quickly realized how comfortable and happy she made me. She was so attractive and thoughtful.

When did you start planning your special event? I started planning my wedding in high school! Not specifically to who I would marry, just how it would be, what I liked. I officially started planning my wedding with Joshua probably senior year of high school…but my whole style and idea changed after he had spent two years in Africa.

 What was the most fun detail in planning your wedding? One of the most fun details was incorporating tie-dye! Also having my wedding dress made by a family friend.

How did you choose your style/theme?  I’ve always had a particular artsy colorful style… I don’t have a favorite color, everyone is beautiful…so I had to have them all in my wedding!  I love boho and I for sure wanted to display the tinest of details.

What was the most difficult detail to agree on?  The most difficult detail to agree on was the reception location. Joshua’s always loved the Blue Goose because he grew up next to it… and I wanted an open space outside.. But it worked out for the better!

What was the most unique detail about your ceremony? Reception? I think the most unique thing was that everything there was made by someone I loved. So many people’s talents were on display on my special day. Everything was original and unique, just for us.

What personal touches did you include in your ceremony? Reception? I did all of my own lettering and chalkboards (because that’s what I do for a lot of weddings) every sign with writing showed off my artwork (: I also helped tie-dye my table cloths!

What was the inspiration behind your flowers? My inspiration was ‘boho’ with every color and every flower. I wanted a very ‘wild’ boquet.

How did you choose your wedding colors? Easy. All of them

What was the inspiration for the dress you chose? Who is the designer of your gown? I just wanted different laces and details and a boho feel. Julia LeSueur made my dress and she is hands down a the BEST.

In one paragraph, please describe your wedding day. My wedding day was a dream. I married the man of my dreams. All I saw the whole day was him. My reception was stunning and beautiful, but it was hard for me to focus on anything but him. What I did notice was how happy everyone was and how everyone was stunned with how the reception looked. So many people where there!

How did your wedding reflect the dream wedding you had as a child? When I was little I wanted to have a Cinderella dress and a fancy ball! Haha!! SO far from what I actually wanted when I was planning.

If you could go back and change one thing about your wedding day, what would that be? If I could change anything I would have had a reception line so I could have greeted all personally who came.

How did you pick your first dance song? What song was it? Our first dance song was “first day of my life” by Bright Eyes. It’s always been one of my favorites and it reflected perfectly how we felt. It was the first day of our life!

What was the funniest OOPS moment of your wedding day?  We bought wayyyyyyy too much Pizza! I think we ended up having 12 boxes extra that we gave to the homeless shelter!