A Day With The Flower Farm Chicks

Posted on Nov 8, 2017


  Dennielle + Chris



The Vendors

Venue: The Flower Farm Inn | Full Wedding Planning and Day of Coordination : Simple Country Weddings, assisted by Jessica Shurtleff of Joyeux Events | DJ: DeBorba Events | Catering: Culinerdy Cruzer | Wedding Cake:  Go West Baking | Photographer: Isaiah & Taylor Photography | Bartenders: Gracie and Abbey | Videographer: Wedding Mix |  Floral design: Melody, Family friend




The Details

How did you meet? We met through friends while attending California State University, Chico.
Where was your first date? Our first date was at Frankie’s Italian Restaurant in Chico, CA.
Where did you get engaged? We got engaged at Tree Bones Resort in Big Sur, CA.
What was you first impression of each other? Chris’s first impression of Dennielle was that she was attractive.  Dennielle’s first impression of Chris was that he was very handsome.
When did you start planning your special event? We started planning our wedding in October 2015.
What was the most fun detail in planning your wedding? The most fun detail that we enjoyed about planning our wedding was hand- making details of the wedding such as the corn hole board and the guest sign in board because they made them together.
How did you choose your style/theme? We decided on a simple, fun, home-like feel because we wanted our guest to have fun and enjoy their time celebrating with us.
What was the most difficult detail to agree on? The most difficult detail to agree on was deciding if we should spend extra money on a professional videographer. We decided to go a less expensive route and have our guest video our wedding and send to Wedding Mix to make our wedding video.
What was the most unique detail about your ceremony? Reception? The most unique detail about our ceremony was that we did a combination of doing our own vows and repeating vows.  The most unique detail about the reception was that Dennielle surprised her mom and danced with her during the dances.
What personal touches did you include in your ceremony? Reception? Personal touches during the ceremony included fans on every chair to explain the wedding party and to thank our guests for attending. During the reception personal touches included having Dennielle’s grandma’s quilt hanging behind the thank you gifts that she made for their wedding.
What was the inspiration behind your flowers? The inspiration behind the flowers was that Dennielle’s favorite flower has always been a sunflower because they make people happy and they wanted to incorporate sunflowers to celebrate this happy occasion.
How did you choose your wedding colors? We wanted to have a nice contrast that would match the yellow in the sunflowers so we decided on a grayish blue for the bridesmaid’s dresses
What was the inspiration for the dress you chose? Who is the designer of your gown? Designer: Enzoani. The dress was chosen because it was simple but elegant with a low back and that is exactly what Dennielle wanted.
Describe your wedding day. Our wedding day was magical, surrounded by love and support.  The whole day ran smoothly  because of Ramona and Jessica.  They decorated the Flower Farm beautifully and were so professional in coordinating all of the vendors, wedding party, and guests.  We believe that the reason our wedding was so magical was because of them.  Everyone was on the same page, organized, and if there was something that did not go according to plan they knew exactly how to handle each and every situation with poise and elegance. We felt so blessed to have everyone who loves us in one room to celebrate unity and love with us. From start to finish our wedding day was incredible. All thanks to Simple Country Weddings. We cannot thank them enough.
How did your wedding reflect the dream wedding you had as a child?  Our wedding exceeded our expectations that we had thought of as children.  Everything went smoothly and better than expected, we couldn’t have asked for anything better.
If you could go back and change one thing about your wedding day, what would that be? To remember to pack socks for Dennielle’s dancing shoes!
How did you pick your first dance song? What song was it? Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Since we were living in Long Beach, CA during the planning stages we made several road trips back to Sacramento and during these road trips we would listen to music and this song just spoke to both of us and we knew that this song would be the song we had to dance to for our first dance.
What was the funniest OOPS moment of your wedding day? During the ceremony Dennielle started walking back down the aisle immediately after our first kiss but before the officiate presented us as Mr. and Mrs. Flores.