Featured bride: Alana and Michael

Posted on May 11, 2014

Featured bride: Alana and Michael

Alana and Michael: A Match.com Success Story

For some, online dating is too risky, or seen as taboo.  For others, it makes it possible to meet new people when you can’t find time away from work to go out and meet someone the old fashioned way, like at a bar, the park or the grocery store.  Michael and Alana are here to tell you how the “More dates, more relationships, and more marriages than any other site,” slogan worked for them! That’s right, this is a TRUE Match.com success story and we are following it all the way to the big day!

Michael and Alana’s story is so much more exciting, than your average cliché of an experience where two people reach for the same apple at the grocery store, only to find their true love.   Here’s Michael’s version of his and Alana’s successful online love story…

Michael was working at his job in Northern California where he was currently located, when his general manager, called him into his office.  What he thought could be his last day at work after seeing a check on the desk, was actually fate calling Michael to work on a project in beautiful Orange County!   After working three months in Orange County, Michael decided it was time to join the Match.com scene. He wasn’t having much luck or fun until he received “the wink.” (For those of you who don’t know, the “wink” in the Match.com world, means there is an obvious interest and a way to kick off the fun online flirtation, hoping for mutual feelings.) This “wink” eventually led to more personal emails between Michael and Alana, which showed each other that they both had the same fun and witty sense of humor.    It wasn’t long before they both decided,  “Enough of this emailing, lets meet for a few drinks to see if we can make it through one date.”  alana

Alana, an Orange County girl, picked her hometown of Huntington Beach for their first date.  She also happened to picked Valentine’s Day! Clever, right?  That’s what Michael thought, too.  “What a smart girl to use me to land a date for V-Day.” As it turns out, it happened to be the perfect day, because from then on out he’d have a national reminder of the day he fell in love at first sight, to the woman of his dreams.   Yet, the memory of their first meeting isn’t all roses and rainbows. In fact, it’s more like dark and hard to see! While waiting outside of their now favorite restaurant, Sushi on Fire, for Alana to show up for their date, the entire street had a black out! “I literally met her in the dark,” says Michael.  It wasn’t until they sat down at their table, and Alana’s smile was lit up by a table filled with candles, that Michael knew this was the woman he had always hoped for.

After two hours of talking with no electricity, Alana and Michael realized they had so much more in common than just what was listed on their Match.com profiles. They wanted to enjoy life by going to music concerts, working hard, playing harder and they both had a desire to travel the world.

Seven months into their dating relationship, Michael had a little “trick up his sleeve,” if you will, of his own. One that was a tad bit more serious than landing a date on the biggest, most notorious dating day of the year.  Due to his job, Michael had to head back up North. He decided to not mention his need to move to Alana until he knew for sure that he had her heart. Doing so, in his mind, meant that he could be sure that his moving would include her to go with him. Because she didn’t want to lose him, Michael’s little plan worked, and Alana wound up moving up North to Sacramento with him.


Years have passed and there is not a single regret in the world for Alana having moved from her Southern California roots. Michael and Alana have stuck true to their initial Match.com goals as individuals and their personalities by having been to over seven concerts and four countries together as a couple.  In August of 2013, while they were vacationing in Costa Rica, Michael proposed to Alana.  And to think…it all started with just a little click of the mouse.

The moral of the story is…if you are looking for love or just a casual date, don’t discount what online dating could do for you. Sure, not every story is a success one. But, there is that chance that your story could very well end up similar to that of Michael and Alana….happily ever after.

Simple Country Weddings  would love to hear your successful online love story, and help you in planning your own “big day” with the same success!

Images provided by Rachelle Photography