Posted on Jun 19, 2014


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Weddings are more and more becoming an event that puts the creativity of the bride, the groom and their wedding planner to the test. Everyone wants the latest and greatest. Yet, they also want to be original and often times, organic and sensual.  Such a reality isn’t just subject for the day of the wedding, but also for the rehearsal dinner, the wedding weekend’s festivities, or most notably, the all powerful, engagement photos. The end result of an engagement photo session is the first thing that your family, friends, and other guests will get a glimpse of as to what type of couple they think you are, that you really are, and what type of wedding you as the bride (and groom) are about to unveil to them when you mail the photos off in your “save the dates.” Using our three featured brides, Alana, Nicole and Stacy (along with their husbands-to-be), we would like to present to you a few ideas of what could work in creating a peaceful, yet fun, and realistic peek into what your wedding day is going to be like.

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Now, we know that all three of our brides are Simple Country Wedding brides, so we can pretty much assume the look they are going for is country-esque, with a bit of an eclectic edge, with a side of shabby chic,  mason jars and galvanized buckets. But, without revealing all there is to be presented at their individual weddings for their loved ones to enjoy, we are able to use simple props and nature’s background as the introduction of their big day. The trick is to not reveal too too much of what their wedding day will entail, but just enough to leave you guessing and interested to see what’s in store once the day finally arrives.

View More: things first…make sure your fiancé is on board! In no way do View More: want to have to force him to go to a photo shoot when he doesn’t want to be there. Clearly, doing so, will result in some, not so great shots of him being a little less than enthused, which will ultimately bring your own excitement down, and the pictures (no matter how great your photographer is), to be blah, to say the least. So, make sure you give him, and yourself, ample amount of time to mentally prepare for a day or afternoon of having your picture taken.

View More:…choose a location that is similar to your wedding venue or best represents you as a couple. Better yet, if you are able to gain access to your wedding venue, do that! A barn is always an amazing backdrop, as is foliage of any kind, should your wedding and/or reception be outdoors. An amazing addition to any shoot would be your family pet that the two of you share together.  If you are fans of bike riding, bring your bicycles along. If your Mr. is into airplanes, go to the local air base and pose in front of some antique, stationed aircraft. If you love to drink wine, go to the wine country. Whatever it is that makes the two of you, the two of you, use it.

View More: #3…dress for your surroundings, but also stay true to yourself. If you are a bride that is more comfortable in pants than a skirt on a day to day basis, now is not the time to be different. If your hubby-to-be is more comfortable in his worn out John Deere hat, than going without it, then let him leave it on. The idea here is to choose clothing and accessories that are a good representation of who you are. You can always fancy your overall look up a bit, by having him wear his beloved hat, with a nice pair of slacks and a tucked in shirt, while you wear your Capri pants, blouse and statement necklace. There is no rule as to what you should wear or how you should look. But the concept should always be…be true to who you are; this is your guys’ wedding, so show off who you are without masking it with anything overdone (unless that’s who you are!) and unfamiliar. View More:

Last but certainly not least…don’t be afraid to act a little goofy! The whole process View More: taking engagement photos should be nothing but fun. Don’t take the humor out of it by being a stiff in front of the camera and your photographer. This photo session is literally the first step in creating your big day. These photos will be, more than likely, the last professional photos you will have taken of the two of you prior to becoming Mr. and Mrs., so don’t over think it. Have fun. Let your hair down, so to speak, and enjoy your surroundings of the location you choose. Allowing yourself to not take this whole process of shooting engagement photos too seriously, will also allow you to not take everything else that is about to ensue so seriously. Weddings are supposed to be fun events to plan and attend. So, why not kick start that positive attitude towards your big day, with a positive experience during your engagement photo session?!

View More: the photos shown here of Alana, Nicole and Stacy are simpleView More: in their presentation, you are still able to grasp whom each of them are, as individuals. While all three of them are wearing dresses, they are all representing their own style and unique quality with their accessories and how their hair and makeup is done. Same with the guys, Alana’s Michael, Nicole’s Ryan and Stacy’s Darvin, are all in a top and pants, but clearly their individual style is represented differently between the three of them. View More: surroundings they find themselves in, are outdoorsy and quaint, which is representative of their weddings designed by SCW. Nothing is overdone, and yet the photos allow your mind to wonder what their weddings will ultimately look like once they arrive. Simple. Country. Classic. That’s what it’s all about with these three lovely women and their guys by their side.

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Hair by Kasey Learn * Make up by Andrea Aguon

Simple Country Weddings is always eager to see and hear about any and all photo sessions that you may have had for your wedding day preparation. Feel free to share those stories and photos here, so to possibly give other brides an idea or two on what they could do to show off their own personalities for their upcoming photo sessions