Week One, Featured Bride: Nicole & Ryan

Posted on Apr 27, 2014

Week One, Featured Bride:  Nicole & Ryan

Nicole & Ryan

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Nicole and Ryan’s story is a beautiful one that shows the meaning of what true love really is. Nicole is the oldest of three and Ryan is the youngest of two. Both are busy individuals and a match made in heaven. Here you will discover their love for country, which is not all baby’s breath and burlap. Their wedding is expected to be entirely personal. From the engagement photos, to the location, the décor and the bridal party, everything has a purpose and a meaning that is special and true to who they are as a couple.


Here is their love story…


Not realizing Ryan was about to meet the woman of his dreams, Ryan was convinced to join a last minute dinner party with his friend Jake. “Thank you, Jake!”  Nicole showed up to the get together shortly after to be introduced to Ryan with immediate attraction. Sparks were flying over dinner while Ryan asked a series of questions to get to know Nicole. Several days had passed and Nicole could not get Ryan off of her mind. She nonchalantly mentioned him to the party host only to find out there was a 7 year age difference between them (she was 32 and he was 25). She should have known he was a keeper right then when the host mentioned he thought Nicole was 23! Gotta love a guy who guesses your age in the negative! Though hesitant to pursue a 25 year old, Nicole could not stop thinking about their conversation, his amazing qualities, common interest and passion for his work and family.  Two weeks later she was still thinking and talking about Ryan with her cousin, who, thankfully, opened up her heart to give him a call.


Over the next four years Nicole and Ryan’s dating lifestyle became something to get used to. Ryan has a major passion for real estate, and often times their dates or outings together would involve the two of them driving by and viewing properties for his work in the same field. Nevertheless, Nicole took these experiences in stride as it was something that Ryan loved and kept him true to his amazing work ethic that she adored. They both looked at it as an opportunity to be together and to enjoy that time with each other, rather than simply him working. They made the best of the situation, as all loving couples try to do.


Ryan worked diligently between his hectic work schedule to plan the perfect proposal. The week leading up to the proposal, Ryan drove up to Petaluma where Nicole’s parents were enjoying a vacation of camping, to ask for their blessing in person. He also proved to be a good listener, as he managed to purchase the exact engagement ring that Nicole had her eyes set on. The end of the week, marked Nicole’s birthday, and also the day that Ryan would finally “pop the question.” He took her to a casual dinner at Season’s 52. While Ryan appeared anxious, Nicole chalked his anxiety up to him being overly hungry. Once dinner was over, they returned home, where Ryan had pulled out a birthday card. To make sure to include the whole family, and knowing that Nicole would adore the sentiment, the card was from her furry children. After unwrapping a few birthday gifts that were randomly wrapped in Christmas gift bags, Nicole laid eyes on THE box; the last gift amongst the others. The man of her dreams wrapped up in a tiny jewelry box in the form of an engagement ring.


Nicole & Ryan have chosen The McFarland Ranch for their big day. Nicole comes from a family of farmers, so this unique private property on 100 acres is exactly what she had envisioned for her wedding day. The property boasts a gorgeous Victorian home, red barn, vintage equipment, open fields and an absolutely gorgeous sunset! Their wedding celebration will be a vintage, shabby chic & family style event, to be enjoyed by them and their 300 guests. Their wedding goal is all about enjoying the moment, snapping photos of the many natural photo props for forever memories and dancing the night away.


Nicole and Ryan have been planning their big day since June 2013 and we are so excited to share how it all turns out with the help of Simple Country Weddings! Now that you’ve been given this little peek into who they are as a couple and what they have envisioned for their special day, Simple Country Weddings wants to know your questions for the bride and groom. It can be anything…What style bridesmaids dresses did they choose? What flowers do they feel fit the country setting the best? How are they incorporating Simple Country Weddings into the overall vision of their wedding?


Let the countdown begin ~ there is less than 45 days to go!