Pantone Color 2018

Posted on Jan 9, 2018

Every wedding season has its own trends whether it’s the theme of the event or the colors used throughout. The little touches that tie everything together are what make a wedding unique among others. We love to stay on trend so why not incorporate 2018 Pantone Color of the Year? Here is how we would incorporate Ultra Violet into 2018 winter weddings.

The attire: For women, why not have your bridesmaids dress in Ultra Violet? Purple looks great on everyone. It flatters all skin tones and hair colors. If you are more of a neutral fan, add Ultra Violet accents. This could be with a belt, hair accessory, makeup or even in the bouquets! Sometimes less is more.

For men, I don’t expect to see groomsmen dressed in a purple suit (if anyone has ever witnessed this please share photos) but this is an opportunity for accents of Ultra Violet to really make an appearance. Pocket squares, socks, boutonnieres or even ties! All shades of purple look fabulous with a grey suit or black tuxedo. We love the suits and tuxedos available over at The Black Tux. You really can’t go wrong with this wedding color.

The decor: Centerpieces are always the talk of the wedding, good or bad. This is an opportunity to really set the bar high. Terrariums filled with purple flowers, Ultra Violet ribbons wrapped around extravagant vases, table numbers or floating purple candles. The list goes on!

Of course there are many more decor elements aside from the centerpiece. Maybe purple bows around each chair or dangling lights in front of a photo wall. Anything is possible!

(Or something like this)

The cake: The cutting of the cake is a moment that everyone looks forward to. Either to laugh at the couple smooshing it into each other’s face or because they simply can’t wait to get their hands on a slice. The look of the cake is not only important for appetizing reasons but also to tie in the theme of a wedding. This is a perfect opportunity to bring in the Pantone Color of the Year. Add a purple floral design, whether it’s polka dots, flowers, ribbons or weaving. Have a purple ombre cake that highlights multiple shades of the gorgeous color. Or to really stay trendy, purple-colored cake pops.

(Or something like this)

How would you incorporate the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year?