Posted on May 21, 2014


I think it’s fair to assume that most women think they’d know or will know when their significant other plans on proposing to them. They think that they can’t be fooled or be surprised by someone that they know so well. For Stacy, this exact scenario rang true to her. Yet, somehow,  Darvin, her now fiance, managed to pull a fast one on her in one of the most romantic ways possible when he proposed to her on July 3, 2013…


A friendship was nearly inevitable when Stacy and Darvin met in 2003 when they both worked at a Verizon Wireless store in Southern California in Cerritos. Anything more than that, however, was slow to start. They’d go out with friends together and keep in contact as best as possible once they moved onto other things, but Stacy knew he was special and didn’t want to mess things up by pursuing anything too soon, as she was young and enjoying the necessities of such. It wasn’t until a 1 ½ -2 year hiatus of having not spoken to or seen each other that Darvin randomly contacted Stacy a couple of days before New Year’s Eve 2010. He happened to be in Los Angeles for the holiday and wanted her to meet up with him and his friends to ring in the New Year. Unfortunately, Stacy was sick and couldn’t attend. Nevertheless, she made it a point to contact him a couple of weeks later to let him know that she wasn’t simply blowing him off. It was from then on that Stacy and Darvin became, “Stacy and Darvin.”

Fast forward 2 ½ years later…  Stacy and Darvin maintained a long distance relationship during their first date in 2011 up until July of 2013…she was in Southern California in Torrance, and he was in the Bay Area in Northern California. For the 4th of July weekend of 2013, Stacy’s cousin, Jen, from Washington traveled to SoCal to visit her. What Stacy didn’t know, was that Darvin, having never met Jen, contacted her with thanks to Stacy’s mother for giving him her contact info, to help in a surprise proposal. Darvin sent Jen notes and a play-by-play of what was to happen and when, and what she was to do. Jen studied his instructions, and the following is what occurred…

Jen told Stacy that one of her clients had arranged a night out in Long Beach, and simply told the girls to “dress up.” No other instructions, hints, or specifics as to what the night was to entail were given. Stacy and Jen soon discovered that they, as cousins, were going on a gondola ride together. Given that something like this is typically reserved for couples, Stacy couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that Jens’ clients had arranged for her and Jen to do this together. Nevertheless, the night was planned, and it was free (hey, he was paying!), so why not enjoy it for all it was worth? Along with the gondolier and a photographer (that they were told was a part of their experience in case they wanted to purchase photos after their ride…a typical tourist entity that Stacy thought nothing more of, other than just that), Jen and Stacy boarded their gondola for a cruise around the Belmont Shore.

The cousins were enjoying their cruise by taking pictures of their own, and smiling for their photographer on board. Jen was even shooting a video of the experience with her phone (which was nothing out of the ordinary…and also a part of Darvin’s to-do list). As their gondolier made a turn, he asked Stacy if she would grab a bottle that happened to be floating in the water. Again, laughing, Stacy reached for the bottle. Both she and Jen took pictures of it, and then Jen suggested to Stacy that she open it. Inside, Stacy found a rolled up message. The first line read, “Dear Stacy.” Which in turn made Stacy say to herself, “Oh S#*t!”  She decided to unroll the paper to see who it was signed by, and discovered, “Love D. Manual.” Like any woman taken by surprise by the man that she loves, she let out an “Oh my God,” which included tears as she read the message and began looking around for Darvin. She kept asking Jen, “where is he?” while Jen kept up with the rouse, saying that she didn’t know, and didn’t know what Stacy was talking about.

i-Gg7NX3Z-XLAs the gondolier drifted closer to the dock where they had departed from, Stacy saw a sea of people. She described it as if it were like they were in a movie, “the crowd parted and Darvin was walking towards me. He helped me out of the gondola, said the sweetest things to me, got down on one knee and proposed. It was amazing!”

Stacy and Darvin reentered the gondola to finish the ride that she and Jen started. Fireworks went off, tears of happiness were shed, and plans for a life together were officially underway.i-bwPb4cs-XL

Not every engagement story is as fantasy ridden as this. And not every guy is as creative and happily deceptive as Darvin. But, regardless of how your engagement happened or will eventually turn out, one thing is for sure…in the end, two people who are meant to be together will have the memory of that moment to last them a lifetime.

We at Simple Country Weddings would LOVE to hear about your engagement story! Good, or bad, surprised, or totally aware…tell us about it. We love anything that ultimately ends in a “Happily Ever After!”