Summers Hottest Couple

Posted on Nov 13, 2017

Blanca + CJ

The Vendors

  • Wedding planner – Ramona Arnold Simple Country Weddings, assisted by Jessica Shurtleff of Joyeux Events 
  • DJ/Band – DJ Alazzawi
  • Caterer – Culinerdy Cruzers
  • Bakery/desserts – Goodies & Co
  • Bartender – Mobile Mixologist
  • Photographer – Clair Images
  • Videographer – Dallas Hamm, Elevated Designs
  • Venue – McFarland Ranch
  • Floral Designer – Accents By Sage
    • Specialty Lighting – DeBorba Events

The Details

How did you meet?  –   CJ saw a picture of me on Facebook. A mutual friend had just joined my sorority uploaded pictures of us together onto her profile. CJ saw the pictures and requested that she set us up on a date. A few pictures later and she finally agreed to set us up on a date
Where was your first date? –  Our first date was at a Chili’s. It was my first time seeing CJ in person and so I did not want to go alone. I asked a few of my sisters to come along for the ride. CJ was a trooper and put up with me and my sisters on the first date.
Where did you get engaged? – It was Spring Break (woohoo) and we drove 12 hours to Portland to spend our first long distance trip together. While staying in Portland, I had planned to propose to Blanca at the Rose Garden but the flowers weren’t in bloom yet. So I improvised and decided that the only other place that had enough beauty for the moment was the Japanese Gardens. I had a friend in the area follow us until we found just the right moment alone near a shrine. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.
What was you first impression of each other? – 
BLANCA -I saw CJ walk in and immediately thought he was super handsome! As we got to talking I realized how funny he was. I spent the whole night laughing and maybe said about  2 words! haha!
CJ -She was soft spoken and shy. She brought 5 friends to our first date. It was rather intimidating. Then on top of that she lied to me. She told me the whole day she was starving and so she ordered sliders. She took one bite. One! She wasn’t hungry. I’m over there devouring my steak and she is just staring at me eating. With most girls I wouldn’t have bothered having a second date but there was a kindness about her that made me want to learn more about this quiet girl across from me.
When did you start planning your special event? –  We started planning the day after Blanca graduated from college the summer after I proposed. We knew we’d have a long engagement since we were paying for it all ourselves. So over the next two plus years we planned our wedding.
What was the most fun detail in planning your wedding? –   Venue shopping was a blast. We got a chance to see so many different beautiful places and trying to find the one that was just right gave us that bit of joy and excitement. Oh and cake tasting wasn’t that bad either!
How did you choose your style/theme? –  We didn’t want something that was overly extravagant. We liked the idea of a simple rustic theme and it just fit our personalities.
What was the most difficult detail to agree on? –  Guest list. So much back and forth. Not necessarily with each other. It was usually arguments with parents or grandparents about which random cousin we were leaving off the list.
 What was the most unique detail about your ceremony? Reception? –      Blanca’s parents are Spanish speaking and don’t understand much English. When I wrote my vows I knew I wanted to do something special for them. So I had a friend help me translate my vows so that members of her family would be able to understand the love that I have for her and what I vow to do for her in our lives together.
What personal touches did you include in your ceremony? Reception? –    We wanted to include things that were special and unique to who we were as individuals. Blanca is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma so she had her sorority badge on her bouquet. I’m a big disc golf fan so when I threw the garter, I wrapped it around one of my putters that I use for the sport to get that extra distance on my throw.
What was the inspiration behind your flowers? –    We wanted something that matched the venue and Blanca has always been in love with succulents.
How did you choose your wedding colors? –   As a Cowboys fan, I’ve always looked good in Navy and Grey. Blanca wanted to add Blush to complement the blue and grey. It just seemed like a natural fit.
Did your pet play a role in your wedding? –    Milo is a Jack Russell Terror, I mean Terrier. He has a mind of his own and while we would have loved for him to be involved in the actual ceremony, he got to enjoy the rehearsal and walk down the aisle then. We knew on the real day there would be too much stimulation for him to focus.
What was the inspiration for the dress you chose? Who is the designer of your gown? –  Since I am a small girl, I knew I wanted something simple and flowy. Something that seemed lightweight and wouldn’t weigh me down. The moment I tried on my dress I knew it was the one! My dress was the first thing I bought for the wedding! I bought my dress in SLO at A Heart’s Desire, it is Casa Blanca
Describe your wedding day -Our wedding day was perfect. All I remember is people telling me that the day was going to fly by, so to enjoy every moment of it. And looking back I know I did. After saying I do, CJ and I spent the rest of the day together. From eating our delicious food, to saying hello to all our guests. Then we left the party for sunset photos. And this will be something I will never forget. We got to go away and just be ourselves and enjoy how happy we were. After a good breather and many pictures later, we had a blast returning to the party and just danced the night away.
How did your wedding reflect the dream wedding you had as a child? –  Being able to marry the person you love the most in the world. It absolutely lived up to the dreams we had as children.
If you could go back and change one thing about your wedding day, what would that be? –   The heat!! 104 degrees?? No thank you!
How did you pick your first dance song? What song was it? -This was a big point of contention between us. – Blanca wanted some lame song. I wanted Marry Me by Train. For the first and probably final time, I actually won the argument. Whenever I heard the song, I could only think about Blanca and I knew that I wanted it to be our first song.
What was the funniest OOPS moment of your wedding day? – Probably the best man speech. It went from great to Michael Scott awkward to great again. He started with all these compliments about CJ and then proceeded to explain why CJ is a vindictive person who holds grudges for life. He then finished on a bright note again talking about the dedication he would have for me. So the oops was not clearing his speech beforehand.
Any other details/comments you would like to share? -The food was bomb! Highly recommend Culinerdy. Many of our guest raved about how much they loved the food truck