The Charitable Wedding

Posted on Mar 16, 2017

charitable wedding

By Guest Author Wendy Dessler

Today‚Äôs bride and groom are not the newlyweds of yesteryear.  Many couples are marrying after they have graduated college and have begun their careers. They are likely to have purchased a home together and have already furnished that home.  Many couples see the price tag of an elaborate wedding as wasteful and the socially minded couple would rather the money go to a worthy cause. There are many ways to incorporate giving into the tradition of wedding activities. Below we are listing our top ten choices. However, use your imagination and create your own charitable wedding activities that mean something to you and contribute to meaningful causes in your world.

Free Fundraising

There are many platforms that allow people to create a fundraising avenue. This is a worthwhile effort. It is wise to read the sites carefully to ensure that there are no hidden fees associated with the gifts.  Sites like Plumfund provide an easy to use platform that is free.  Whether the fundraising is to help a friend or family member who is in need, to pay expenses associated with treatment, or more traditional reasons, free fundraising is a top choice.

Paper Goods That Give Back

Your paper products such as invitations, save the date cards, announcements, place cards and such are an expected expense. Take advantage of the opportunity to include your charity fundraising link on your paper products. As an added bonus, choose a supplier that makes a contribution to the charity of your choice from the proceeds of your order. An example is I Do Foundation which makes a 10% donation to your charity choice.   

Donate Your Gown

While many brides choose to save their wedding gown in the hope that someday a future daughter may want to use a vintage gown in their ceremony. However, if you would like to help fight breast cancer, consider donating your gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer. They will resell your gown and donate the money earned to the cause.

Bridesmaids Dresses

If your bridesmaids would like to donate their dresses to a worthy cause, consider The Glass Slipper Project in Chicago. This organization helps disadvantaged teens have prom dresses. They have more information on their site for other programs nationwide.

Feed The Hungry

Donate leftover food from your receptions, showers, parties, and rehearsal dinners to a local homeless shelter. Most catering services will place leftover foods in disposable containers for easy transport.

Flowers For Nursing Homes

Arrange to have a trusted friend or the bridal party to collect the blooms from the flowers that are used in the wedding and deliver them to a local nursing home. This is a welcome treat for the residence and gives you more use for your money.

Chip In

Consider having a girls night in, sleepover, or pool party instead of the traditional bachelorette party. Ask each guest to chip in the amount of money they would have spent for a night at the bar and donate the money to the local power company to pay the electric bill for a struggling family.

Food-Bank Shower

Food banks across the country are struggling trying to keep up with the demands of the hungry.  Announce a food bank donation on your wedding shower invitations. Ask each guest to bring a nonperishable food donation to the shower and deliver the gift to a local pantry.


Rent a non-profit space for your wedding venue. Many museums and botanical gardens rent space and the money supports their venue and makes a beautiful memory for your wedding day.


Do some research and use credit cards that make a donation with your needed purchases. Check out Working Assets for more information. There are also some store cards that make donations for education. An example will be Target which allows you to donate to the school of your choice for education.

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